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What we do

SIC serves the business community of the eight Métis Settlements in Alberta by providing the



  • Promoting developmental, business-driven economic development in

    these settlements;

  • Enabling access to capital by providing diverse, tailored,

    developmental debt financing;

  • Building the management capacity and business skills of its clients by

    providing necessary business planning, mentoring and management

    support services;

  • Establishing partnerships and relationships with other Aboriginal, public

    and private sector partners to enhance the developmental financing

    and support services available to its clients; &

  • Managing and delivering related public and private sector programs

    and services.


Loan Accounts



Disbursed amount since Jan 1, 1999


Businesses Supported

SIC has helped out Settlement Members like myself and my family with our businesses during times that we needed them over the years.  Every SIC team member has been great to work with.  They've each  brought banking to a personal level rather than treating a person like a number as with many other institutions.  For that we are very thankful and grateful."

David McDonald

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