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About the Program

Encouraging and supporting Indigenous women entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to the next level.  Dedicated to building the capacity of and supports for Indigenous Woman Entrepreneurship (IWE) Program is focused on developing women-specific programs, tools, and training to support the needs of Indigenous women entrepreneurs.

The Settlement Investment Corporation offers developmental, business-driven economic development and enables access to capital by providing diverse, tailored, developmental debt financing. Dedicated to building the management capacity and business skills of its clients, the Settlement Investment Corporation providing necessary business planning and management support services. 

The micro-loan program will support Indigenous women who have small home-based and/or part time businesses. Indigenous women who majority own (51%) and operate their own business are eligible. 


Any participants receiving the micro-loan will be required to work with the business support officer as well as attend the workshops provided through the IWE program.

Micro-Loan Fund Program Guidelines Business Planning Guide And Cash Flow Template


Application for Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Micro-Loan Financing

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